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About 35 years ago, A-Plus Bodyworks co., Inc. was created, a full Auto and Truck Body repair and painting facility, in Northeast Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area. Our quality of automotive body repair was the finest anywhere.


In the 90's, we brought sprayed-on Bed Liners into the Lehigh Valley.

We were Known as: "Rhino Liners of the Lehigh Valley, the best spray-on truck bed Lining Dealer" in Pennsylvania, The place "TO GO" for your sprayed-on polyurethane truck bed liner. We have sprayed the past 21 years, over 20,000 trucks, and have installed many truck caps, nerf bars, grille guards, Tonneau covers, steps, toolboxes, and many other truck accessories by many brands, such as, Westin, DeeZee, Promax, Ranch Hand, Jeraco, A.R.E. TRUCK CAPS, and Truxedo. Not only pickup trucks, but, utility work trucks, jeep tubs, tanks, dump trucks, speciality vehicles, sewer trucks, bins, jeeps, flooring-from rides at amusement parks, and on and on for all those special applications. There are many truck cap manufactures, such as A.R.E., Leer, Jason, Jeraco, Snugtop, Ranch, and many other toppers, in which we handle the Jeraco brand, and A.R.E. truck caps. These truck caps are high quality cap manufactures with many features to offer.

Remember, quality on sprayed on bed liners, comes with experience. Our sprayed-on linings are top quality, and cannot be beat by any other sprayed liner company anywhere. Check our liner out against Line-x, Armorthane, Gatorhyde, Hurculon, Speedliner, Rhino Linings, and all the other brands out there. Besides having the finest quality product, our extensive experience is unequaled.

In 2005, we left Rhino Liners, and started spraying the high tech product: "Ultimate (manufactured in Houston Texas) / Ultimate truck bed Linings, and became Ultimate Linings of the Lehigh Valley, The finest lining in the Northeast Pennsylvania area. We have, and always will, research the best product for your vehicle, and spray your vehicle in the most professional, and quality minded manner. We pay attention to details, and want you to say "WOW" when you see the job. When you purchase a new truck costing 40 to 65 thousand dollars, you do not want sub-par work. "

With Ultimate sprayed on liners, uses the most up-to-date polyurethane materials, for consistency, and the most advanced technology available today in polyurethane chemistry.(tough, and durable) Ultimate manufactures high pressure, sprayed hot, high pressure spray, polyurea blend, that the commercial grade 70% polyurea and 30% polyurethane materials that is very durable for highly abusive punishment. Gasoline, oil, salts, and farm chemicals that are corrosive do not effect the Ultimate sprayed on liner. No water or moisture gets under the liner, and it quiets the truck noise from the road, makes tie downs usable, and protects the bed forever.

There are many sprays on the market, from Rhino Liners, to Gatorhyde, Toff Liners, Rhino Linings, Tuff Coat, Speedie Liner, Reflex linings, Hurculiner, Turbo Liners, Gatorhyde, Line-X, and on and on. These liners are not the same, and the APPLICATION is so important. How the applicator puts it on, HOW MUCH they put on, and the quality of the work. "Do it yourself" liners are in kits, ranging from $90 to $125 dollars per gallon, and are either epoxy paint, or rubberize paint, in which you have to prep and brush on, or roll the material on the truck. This usually creates a real mess, and is thin, and many times just peels off. We put on many gallons, do the work for you,and guarantee it will not peel off the painted surface. And, our product is not PAINT !!! There is absolutely no comparison... We warrant our work 100%, and our reputation is everything.

We are keeping up with the latest technology and highest quality spray techniques that NO ONE does a better job.


We are the Truck Accessory leader in the
Northeast Pennsylvania - Lehigh Valley. Pa. area.

Our showroom presents Tonneau covers such as Access covers, Retrax roll up COVERS, Extang TONNEAU COVERS, the new BAK MX4 fold covers, Bedslide, Diamondback ALUMINUM covers, Roll n Lock COVERS, Undercover, Jeraco Truck Caps, A.R.E toppers, bug shields, steps, tool boxes, ladder racks, and all types of truck accessories to give your truck the look you want. WE INSTALL EVERYTHING WE SELL, AND SERVICE WARRANTIES.

AND YES, we install what we sell. Our facility has over 15,000 sq. feet with a customer waiting room for "will wait" jobs.

Our primary concern is Customer satisfaction, with producing a high quality job, so that you pass on the good word on how we did your truck.

Quality craftsmanship is important to us.

Ultimate Linings is the place to go for high quality work at a fair price.

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