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Ultimate Linings of the Lehigh Valley

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to apply an Ultimate Lining?

It takes our highly trained technicians about 3 To 4 hours to install an Ultimate Lining. Check with us, but you can normally drop it off in the morning and then pick it up that afternoon.

Do I need to do anything to my truck bed before arriving at my appointment?

The only requirements are that your truck bed be clean and free of debris. Please check with US for more specific instructions.

Can I use my truck right away?

Yes, Ultimate Linings is ready for light duty use right away, but we recommend you wait 24 hours before heavy duty use.

What about the installation of other accessories on my truck?

Generally, there should be no problem with the install of other accessories. If you have any concerns, please be sure to discuss them with us prior to having the liner applied.

What about the drain holes in my truck bed?

Many truck owners want the drain holes to remain open but there are times when sealing them up may be the better option. Our highly trained technician will be able to work with you to find the best solution for your application.

Will Ultimate Linings withstand temperature extremes?

Yes, from the cold of Alaska, to the heat of Arizona, your Ultimate Lining will not warp, crack, or peel.

Is Ultimate Linings repairable?

Yes, if you damage your truck, your local Ultimate Linings dealer can make any repairs necessary.

Does Ultimate Linings come in colors?

NO, Ultimate Linings comes BLACK ONLY.

Is your material polyurethane or polyurea?

Our material is a hybrid blend of polyurethanes and polyureas. the Xtreme Hi pressure is 70% Polyurea.

Is there a product warranty?

Yes, Ultimate Linings comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What other applications can Ultimate Linings be used for?

Ultimate Linings will provide long lasting durable protection on almost any surface. Some examples are Jeeps, Vans, Commercial Trucks, Utility & Equipment Trailers, Boat Decks & Hulls, anywhere an air-tight, water-tight protective coating is needed. Also m

How about 5th Wheels or Gosse Neck Hitches Installed?

We recommend drilling all the holes for the rail system 5th wheel,spraying Ultimate in the bed, and mounting the rails on top of the liner, and tap the 1/2" bolts through for a nice seal, and then tourque the nuts to 90 foot lbs. On goose necks, plate mounted...mount the gooseneck and we spray over the plate up to the tie downs. On mounts under the truck, mount the goose neck through the 3" or 4" hole, and then we seal and spray around the mounting which makes for a great looking job. We also install these hitches.

Is Ultimate Linings Environmentally friendly?

Yes. Ultimate Linings contains no VOCs or CFCs. Solvent free.


Ultimate Linings of the Lehigh Valley has been spraying the finest truck bed Liners since 1995.

Our spray-on truck bedliners are sprayed at 2000 pounds pressure, 180 degrees hot, and sets up within 3 seconds, ready to use within a one day cure. Our blend of Polyurea and Polyurethane is a commercial grade used by contractors, and in the field by Utility trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, and trailers. The durability is unmatched.

Ultimate Linings are used world wide throughout the manufacturing and service industries.

We are so easy to find, just north of Allentown, Pa., and just 2 miles west of the Lehigh Valley International Airport on Race Street.

Ultimate Linings has "WILL WAIT" appointments available for people out of area,  in which,  we will have your truck sprayed by noon, when requesting a "will wait" appointment.

Remember, there are many brands of spray on liners on the market,  including Line-X,  Gatorhyde,  Rhino LIners,  Reflex,  Toff Coat,  and also, The  "do it yourself"  kits.  

When you spend over $35,000 to $60,000 dollars on your beautiful truck, you want a professional to work on your truck, and you want the best material, and the most experienced applicator to spray your truck! 

Our experience of spraying Over 20,000 trucks makes us one of the finest dealers in the entire United States.




Ultimate SPRAYED-ON Truck Bed Linings


Our high tech,state of the art materials, are applied, with the high standards of our shop, and Ultimate Linings, High pressure spray, which has a fine factory look.  Polyurea material, that is absolutely the finest material available today. We service the Northeast area from New Jersey, New York, to Delaware. Will wait appointments, makes the drive to us only once. This material takes a beating, in which gasoline, oil, and salts, do not phase it. Static electricity is not produced when filling gas cans, wheras with plastic drop in liners, you can have an explosion. Items do not slide around, as with plastic liners. Ultimate sprayed on liners are warrantied for life never to crack, peel, or lift off. 

Couple the best material, with our years of experience, your pickup truck will have the best protection available today, and will give you higher resale value, and a truck you can use as a truck. Ultimate  sprayed-on liners are the #1 sprayed on lining, and our applicators are long time sprayers that know what they are doing. When you pay that much for your truck, you want a sprayed-on liner that looks, and performs well. Ultimate spray on liners from Ultimate of the Lehigh Valley makes sure you get exactly that quality. Application is very important, and our applicators are the most trained in the entire country. We spend many hours training our sprayers to produce the best sprayed on liner anywhere. Being in business over 34 years and caring about our quality is what sets us apart from the others.

Our great reputaition for both Body work, and sprayed on bedliners, is well known, and we feel that Reputaition is everything.  Starting with Rhino Linings, and now spraying Ultimate Linings,  we feel we are spraying the finest hi-tech product available today.

Now a comparsion between factory sprays offered by the manufactures:

1. Ford sprays over the bed bolts. Ford sprays over the take off tie downs. Ford sprays over the rubbers in the front of the bed.  Ford does not spray the tailgate if it has the ladder attachment. Ford gives a 3 year warranty or 36,000 miles, but does not have warranty repair centers available. 

Ultimate Lining does not spray over the bed bolts, so as if repair is needed, the bed may be removed.  Ultimate Linings of the Lehigh Valley takes off the tie downs, and replaces them. The rubbers are removed in the front of the bed and replaced, and the ladder on rear tailgate (on some models) is removed and the tailgate sprayed. The truck is reassembled complete. And the warranty is a lifetime warranty.

2. Dodge sprays over plastic plugs in floor, which look like bubbles in the liner. Dodge does not put additional drain holes in the front for drainage. (the slots in front of bed get sprayed in) and the liner upon our observation of the trucks we saw, are sprayed thinner. Again, the warranty is 3 years with no one set up to do the warranty repair.

We add additional drain holes for drainage of the bed. We offer lifetime warranty.

3. Chevy is now spraying all models. What we have observed is, that our quality, and attention to detail, and the amount of material, and the warranty (in our opinion) is a much better value than the factory option. Again, our warranty is lifetime, not 36000 miles, or 3 years, whichever comes first that the factory offers.

Our texture is even and consistent, and our prep is not merely a scuff and shoot, but a fully sanded  bed, double wiped with cleaner, and sprayed professionaly.

We find, in our actual observation, a big difference from the now offered "Factory option", of the sprayed on bedlining. Just verify, with your salesman at the dealership, the facts stated above.


Beware of New Spray On  Businesses Popping Up

New spray-on bedliner businesses are poping up all over. They do not have the experience in prep or application. Do you want to have your $50,000 truck be an experiment?  


We have sprayed over 20,000 trucks, jeeps, trailers since 1995.




Our Bed Lining Process